Entering the practice

Newcomers are welcome at the Zen Centre of Vancouver. Some people come seeking answers to fundamental questions about life. Others are searching for peace of mind and relief from stress. With regular practice, meditation can help us all.

Newcomers introduction
Newcomers first take an introduction in meditation practice. The Introductory Class explains the fundamentals of Zen meditation and offers you guidance on how to practice. Questions are important and welcome.

•   Time:  1:00 pm to 3:30 pm on certain Sundays and occasional Saturdays.
•   Suggested donation:  $40

This two and a half hour introduction includes instruction in sitting and walking meditation, chanting, and other aspects of practice, including the routine followed in the zendo (meditation hall). The class is an informal setting where experiences and questions are shared at any time.

•   Please register by filling out this form and making a suggested $40 payment with e-Transfer to  or else with Paypal below. You may also pay when you arrive.

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Once you’ve come for the introduction all the Zen Centre activities are open to you. The daily meditation schedule offers an excellent context for personal inquiry and growth. Retreats offer ideal conditions to take your exploration further.

If you’ve recently been practising at another Zen centre, the introduction might not be necessary. Please check with us first.