Eshin interviewed on local radio

Eshin was interviewed on Vancouver’s RoundHouse Radio by Kirsten Sharp. RoundHouse is a great local radio station which promotes and supports Vancouver’s non-profits along with news and entertainment segments. Here’s the link to the interview which is in two segments ending about the 11 minute mark.

As the Zen Centre of Vancouver neared its 50th anniversary, a year-long fund-raising drive scored a huge success, paying down $58,000 of the mortgage. Nearly every active sangha member contributed, and as in past years, surplus savings were also applied to reduce the balance. The last remaining $23,000 will be fully paid off with a new two-year mortgage.

Deep gratitude and warm hugs to the many sangha members, plus a few others, who donated generously to the drive. Free of the burden of mortgage payments, the centre will be able to support residential programs, especially for younger practitioners. The added financial security will also prepare the ground for further growth.

It’s not too late to donate. The sooner we can totally burn off the mortgage the sooner we can advance our programs. See this page for how to donate. Thank you.

On Saturday evening, October 24, the centre held a delightful evening of Chinese style tea tasting and a film about tea with Lam Wong. About thirty sangha members and friends attended with enthusiasm and interest.