The last meditation meeting for 2014 is 9am – 11am Sunday December 21. The Zen Centre will then be cleaned, followed up by a lunch provided by the centre.

The Zen Centre’s 2015 activities starts with the normal services on Saturday January 3.

Come to a New Year potluck lunch at noon on Saturday January 10. Partners and children most welcome. There will be no 9am – 11am meditation that morning.


Alex becomes the latest centre resident

Alex Petelin first came to the centre in 2011. He naturally took to Zen practice and attended five sesshins in his first two years. He decided to go to MBZC for a couple of years and left in December 2013 with Eshin’s blessing. After a family visit to Vancouver he was stopped at the USA border and asked to first get a visa. While waiting for the visa – it could take one to five months – he attended the November sesshin and decided to become a resident at the centre. His youthful energy along with his friendly intelligence is appreciated.

ken wilsonKen has returned to the early morning sits in the zendo where his solid chanting and warm, good nature is appreciated. Ken has spent, as usual, his summer at Anaheim Lake and then underwent a hip replacement. All went well and he can now easily continue sitting.


Carlo is recovering well

Carlo is recovering well from a bypass heart operation at St Paul’s Hospital on October 30. He had been having angina and shortness of breath this summer. His wife Lena has been with him.

Carlo travels regularly from his home in Kitimat to our sesshins where his solid, sincere practice is an example for us. We look forward to him joining us again after his convalescence.