Zen sangha friends came together on Sunday for Buddha’s Birthday ceremony, potluck lunch and shakuhachi recital. It was a wonderful coming together for the sangha to enjoy themselves, share themselves, eat delicious food, affirm the sangha, and relax with the shakuhachi music. Thanks and gratitude to Peter for the shakuhachi recital, Myorei and Sally for the flower arrangements, and everyone for the delicious food and good spirits.

Evening of Sacred Music

20160924_194655Heart opening, uplifting, and heart warming sacred music filled the zendo on Saturday evening. The beautiful sounds had folks moving and singing with the music from Sufi, Yoga, Buddhist, Sikh and other traditions. Warmth and joy radiated from everyone by the end.

Heartfelt thanks to Tam, Bachan and Natania for their gifted playing. Thanks also to Warren who contributed a First Nations song of his own.

Eshin interviewed on local radio

Eshin was interviewed on Vancouver’s RoundHouse Radio by Kirsten Sharp. RoundHouse is a great local radio station which promotes and supports Vancouver’s non-profits along with news and entertainment segments. Here’s the link to the interview which is in two segments ending about the 11 minute mark.