Myorei starts a new journey

Myorei has chosen to start a new cycle of her spiritual journey. She leaves behind the vehicle of Zen to discover her own way of sharing her light. Myorei continues living at the Zen Centre with Eshin and will continue to practice but now without her Buddhist robes. All at the centre know she has given as much as she has received over the years. At today’s ceremony for returning the robes and the following gathering, we delighted in sharing our love and gratitude.

Myorei wrote on her FB page: Today, I gave back my nun robes to the Zen Centre of Vancouver. In effect, from now on, I am not a Buddhist nun anymore. In 1993 I took residency and in 2005 I received ordination, this means publicly declared my commitment to Zen practice and engagement to assist the Zen Centre. 22 years of dedicated training brought tremendous benefits. The medicine has been taken, I am healed and totally alive. It is time to go back to society, rise as a teacher sharing wisdom and love, assisting others on the spiritual journey. I have taken the decision not to do this as a Buddhist, in order to speak of the spiritual path and not only the Zen way. I continue residing and practicing at the Zen Centre who is my home in so many ways. Today is the happy first day of a new life. Between Earth and Sky I shall rise. Gratitude.

2015 Buddha's Birthday ceremony and potluck

Wonderful Buddha’s Birthday ceremony and potluck on Sunday April 26. So much sharing among many friends and the delicious food.

Zen at UBC joins for a one day retreat

Ten people from the Zen at UBC group joined the centre for the January one day retreat. Their youthful ‘beginner’s mind’ spirit was appreciated. Hope to see you again!


Tom wrote a great article on his Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. Check it out here!

The last meditation meeting for 2014 is 9am – 11am Sunday December 21. The Zen Centre will then be cleaned, followed up by a lunch provided by the centre.

The Zen Centre’s 2015 activities starts with the normal services on Saturday January 3.

Come to a New Year potluck lunch at noon on Saturday January 10. Partners and children most welcome. There will be no 9am – 11am meditation that morning.