Carlo is recovering well

Carlo is recovering well from a bypass heart operation at St Paul’s Hospital on October 30. He had been having angina and shortness of breath this summer. His wife Lena has been with him.

Carlo travels regularly from his home in Kitimat to our sesshins where his solid, sincere practice is an example for us. We look forward to him joining us again after his convalescence.

At 4:25pm on Sunday July 27 Joshu Sasaki Roshi passed away from old age complications. He was 107, the last 52 years of his  life were spent teaching in the west.

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On Tuesday July 29 a memorial service was held at the Zen Centre to acknowledge his efforts. People that had studied with him then shared their stories with the sangha. A butsudan dedicated to him has been set up in the zendo and a candle will remain lit, day and night, for forty nine days. Incense is available for offering by his students.

A new ethics policy along with a grievance and reconciliation process has been created for the centre. The sangha was fully involved with each step of the work, allowing the wisdom that arises from a large group. Thanks everyone! The policy can be seen here.

Three sangha meetings were held to discuss Sasaki Roshi’s misconduct and our centre’s response. These meetings allowed a sharing of the issue among members and a review of a first draft of a statement as the response. A team was formed to finalize the statement, integrate it into the website, and check this with those at the sangha meeting and other core members. The statement that resulted from this process can be seen on the Lineage page.

The sangha meetings also charged the team to propose a first draft of an ethics and reconciliation process for the centre. This is being worked on and further sangha meetings will review and give feedback  as this progresses to completion.

Last Sunday twenty children with ten adults from the Unitarian Church of Vancouver visited the centre. The purpose was to let the children see and get a taste of Zen. The program included short mindfulness ‘games’, a kinhin, everyone practicing ringing the inkin bell, formal serving of tea and homemade mini-cupcakes, and ending with the children trying all the gongs, bells , mokugyo and clappers. Everyone, both visitors and staff, had a great time!

There’s a great slideshow on clicking the (more…)


Residency is available at the Zen Centre for all or part of April 22 to July 16. This offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in practice with a customized full- or part-time program, plus ongoing guidance from Eshin. The program will include

• Accommodation with an en suite bathroom
• Zen style breakfast with Eshin
• Daily zazen
• Work periods
• Regular one-on-one meetings with Eshin

Please note that donation is expected for the room and board. As well, if staying during May 3–9, attendance at sesshin is required.

Please apply directly to Eshin using the Contact page; details can be worked out at that time.

All members are invited and encouraged to participate in a dialogue on the evolving well-being of our Zen Centre. The next dialogue will be held on Saturday, February 8th, from 11 am to 1 pm, immediately following the regular mid-morning sit.