Deepening the practice

Retreats extend and deepen the practice of returning to our inherent wholesome nature. We spend a day or seven days meditating, chanting, working and eating together in silence, devoting every moment to inquiry, realization and actualization. The retreats are led by an experienced teacher who provides inspiration and guidance through dharma talks and one-on-one meetings.

Pre-registration is required. Please contact the centre.

One Day Sits
One Day Sits provide regular retreats on a monthly basis. This full day of silence and stillness reinforces our everyday practice, bringing stability to our busy lives. It includes an extended schedule of meditation, a dharma talk, a formal lunch and a one-on-one afternoon interview with the teacher. Chanting is done both morning and afternoon. Check out upcoming schedule.

Sunday One Day Sit
7:00 am – 4 pm  •  $30
7:00 am – noon  •  $20 – for those with limited time, ending after the formal lunch.
Saturday One Day Sit during seven day retreats
9:00 am – 6 pm  •  $30 – no half day

Seven and Five Day Retreats
In seven day retreats we connect to our innate heart-mind through wholehearted engagement with the present moment’s activity. This continuous practice for seven or five days brings radical insight leading to transformation. Our potential blossoms.

These residential meditation retreats are an opportunity to receive guidance twice daily in one-on-one meetings and dharma talks with the teacher. Practicing meditation, chanting, meals and work as a group, we experience and draw from the collective energy of the community. Through the rule of silence we experience our deeper, more subtle inter-connectedness.

Seven Day Retreats Friday 7.30 pm – Friday 8 pm  •  $400
Five Day Retreats Friday 7.30 pm – Wednesday 8 pm  •  $300
Check out upcoming schedule.

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