Zen in a Western context

Eshin Hoju Godfrey is the guiding teacher and Osho of the Zen Centre of Vancouver. With his warm and clear style, he extends to all a profound invitation to reconnect with their innate Buddha nature in a practice that embraces every aspect of daily life.

Why have a teacher
Zen teachings are transmitted directly heart-mind to heart-mind. Although we ourselves must ultimately realize our own Buddha nature, a genuine teacher can encourage and point us in the right direction and help us find our way through the inevitable challenges. Interacting with a teacher, we can come to understand and actualize in our everyday life the insights that arise from steady practice.

 More on Eshin
Since meeting Joshu Sasaki Roshi in the mid-1970s, Eshin has dedicated his life to Zen. He trained under Roshi, becoming a monk in 1982. Later he accepted responsibility for the Zen Centre of Vancouver and was ordained in 1988 as a Zen Osho, an authorized teacher. Eshin shares his life and practice with his wife, Myorei Zeraffa.

Eshin helps uphold the Rinzai-ji lineage by having served as Administrative Abbot in Los Angeles from spring 2013 to the end of that year. He serves the broader community by conducting personal Buddhist ceremonies such as weddings, funerals and memorials.