Walking the Bodhisattva path

Some practitioners find their hearts opening over time with a desire to give back in gratitude. They engage in the long and challenging path of committing themselves to the teaching, the training and the sangha. The Zen Training Program provides the vehicle.

Participants receive regular guidance from Eshin Godfrey, an authorized teacher in the Rinzai-ji lineage with the wisdom gained from many years of mentoring Zen students, leading them to deep realization.

After an initiation ceremony, students meet regularly as a group and privately with Eshin to review their efforts both on and off the cushion. They devote time and energy to the centre and sangha, take on specific responsibilities, and strive to grow and transform in everyday life. For some, this path may lead to ordination. Residency at the centre may also be considered.

Prerequisites include:

  • Regular involvement in the centre‚Äôs activities.
  • Completion of at least one week-long meditation retreat (sesshin) and preferably more at the centre with a commitment to continue.
  • Meeting with Eshin to articulate your reasons for practicing Zen and wanting to become a formal training student.