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The Zen Centre’s teacher, Eshin, regularly gives talks while people are sitting in meditation. The talks aim to evoke our Buddha nature, not speak to the intellect. Their slow pace and occasional pauses give space for a direct heart-mind connection between teacher and student.

2015.08.16 Zen processing

2015.08.13 Genjo koan and sesshin responsibilities

2015.08.12 Our great vow to awaken with others

2015.04.28 Heart Sutra’s form and emptiness

2015.03.22 Healthy in all ways

2014.06.08 The Bodhisattva: a talk by Koshin, a guest teacher from Puget Sound ZC

2014.05.17 Practice

2014.04.27 Inside and Outside

2014.04.15 Bodhisattva of the Two Truths

2014.04.13 The Two Truths

2014.02.08 Practicing inter-connectedness

2013.05.10 Arouse your Tiger Spirit

2013.05.08 The Continually Arising Self

2013.05.07 Making Practice Authentic

2013.05.05 Dancing with Life