Daily Meditation


Sustaining the practice

The Zen style of meditation embodies posture, breathing and awareness without objectifying. Through practice, we find meditation awakes our natural state of being alive within the seamless flow of life’s experience.

Taking responsibility to meditate regularly and consistently, increasingly we transcend our sense of being separate and apart from life. Cutting through this separateness, we grow progressively freer to live straightforwardly, vitally and creatively. We transcend poor posture, limited thinking, unhelpful habitual patterns and blind confusing emotions. Through this journey, our inherent clarity and wholesome qualities blossom within the ongoing experience of life’s wholeness and inter-relatedness.

Meditation meetings at the Zen Centre of Vancouver include sitting meditation, kinhin (walking practice) and Dharma talks. They’re held throughout the week, variously timed to suit different lifestyles. The schedule is here.

Newcomers are welcome. Register to take an introduction in meditation practice.