Financial contributions

People practicing at the Zen Centre give $35 to $50 and more a month depending on financial means. Monthly donations are made by automatic bank withdrawals, cash or cheque. A reduced scale is available on request and work exchange can also be organized. Please contact the Zen Centre for details. Membership donations are tax deductible and tax receipts are issued at the end of the year.

Nourishing our community
Practicing as a community, we help each other nourish our humanity. Thus we contribute not just to ourselves but to the creation of our whole culture. The community membership includes all those who practise at and donate to the centre, including newcomers, lay people, monks and nuns.

Regular annual events, such as Buddha’s Birthday and the New Year, are a time to gather as a community, along with family and closest friends. The social time after weekend meetings affords another opportunity to mix and meet, sharing practice questions and insights into life practice.