Our centre


Creating a better world

The students and friends of the Zen Centre of Vancouver provide the environment that enables a genuine and deep practice to take root and blossom. Gradually, an open-hearted and involved life becomes manifest, contributing to a better world.

A Refuge of Wisdom
We uphold the Buddhist wisdom tradition called Zen which has passed down through the ages. Today a relevant Western style is emerging. The Zen Centre of Vancouver has evolved from a small sitting group in the 1960s to the mature centre of today. Here, all are welcome to practice awakening to the reality of oneness and its compassionate actualization.

A Vibrant Community
A yearning for self-realization brought practitioners together when Zen Master Joshu Sasaki first visited Vancouver in 1966. Continuous effort, growth and support over the ensuing decades have built a genuine Zen centre for present and future generations. Our strong practice, well-designed facility, committed community and extensive Zen programs are ingredients for real change and growth. The centre is led by our guiding teacher, Eshin Godfrey. He is assisted by a Practice Council of long-time practitioners, one of whom, Gareth, runs the Zen meditation group at the University of BC.