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The Zen Centre’s teacher, Eshin, regularly gives talks while people are sitting in meditation. The talks aim to evoke our Buddha nature, not speak to the intellect. Their slow pace and occasional pauses give space for a direct heart-mind connection between teacher and student.

2013.05.07 Making Practice Authentic

2013.05.05 Dancing with Life

2013.05.04 Investigating our Humanness

2013.02.22 Raise up a Great Spirit

2013.02.21 Regaining our Original Being

2013.02.18 Sudden and Gradual Enlightenment

2013.02.17 Practicing Zen Living in the World

2013.02.05 Sitting Pregnant with Everything

2013.01.26 Sitting with an Open Heart

2012.11.22 What is Zen? What is practice?

2012.11.19 Who am I? Don’t know!

2012.11.17 Catching the sweet spot

2012.11.07 The heroic journey of coming fully alive

2012.10.23 Compassionate engagement with self and circumstances

2012.10.09 True insight: Bravely meeting the self

2012.10.02 Investigating the nature of ourself

2012.09.18 Coming and going: Manifesting just this